Week in Review 37/2017

Monday 11th September Catch-up with the electrician. Sequelize models for the welcome wizard related tables. Daily Baby This will one day be all ours, Teddy...#dailyBaby »

Week in Review 36/2017

Monday 4th September Added new premades to the BCMC site. Finished tests for the login page and first welcome wizard page. Warhammer game night. The strange »

Week in Review 34/2017

Monday 21st August Spinner and backgrounds for the login page for WriterPA. 3 premades for the new BCMC site. Daily Baby Kitty and Zack #dailyBaby A »

Week in Review 35/2017

Monday 28th August Cover drafts for a client. Installed bootstrap 4 react components for WriterPA. Started setting up Redux. Daily Baby Daddy & son #dailyBaby A »

Week in Review 32/2017

Monday 7th August Weekly update post. Builds and releases setup. More docker research. Daily Baby King Zack.#dailyBaby A post shared by Joanna Walker (@yish83) on »