Week In Review 11/2017

Monday 13th March Exercise: met step goal Corrected a few details in the residency form. Cool kitchen counter from bottle caps. Daily Baby Midnight snack - »

Week In Review 10/2017

Monday 6th March Last day with my parents and dinner with the in-laws. Nice long walk (shopping) and then tea with mom in the garden. Pretending »

Week In Review 09/2017

I've decided to challenge myself in March, so from the 1st I aimed to write 1k words per day and get back into an exercise habit. »

Week In Review 08/2017

Monday 20th February Warhammer - died before even the adventure started in a trap outside of a dungeon door... Daily Baby I'm watching you »

Week In Review 07/2017

Monday 13th February Gas meter moved out of the kitchen. Yay! One step closer to my new kitchen. RPG evening - Warhammer tonight. The highlight of »