Week in Review 40/2017

Monday 2nd October Edited 6 pages of the horror story. Cover drafts for a client. Weekly update post. Daily Baby Proof, it's only that »

Week in Review 39/2017

Getting sick these days really cripples me in so many ways... Spent the second half of the week ill and barely managed to do the necessary »

Week in Review 38/2017

Starting to get really tired of this camping arrangement in my house. Looks like there's at least 1-2 more weeks of work (another 4 days until »

Week in Review 37/2017

Monday 11th September Catch-up with the electrician. Sequelize models for the welcome wizard related tables. Daily Baby This will one day be all ours, Teddy...#dailyBaby »

Week in Review 36/2017

Monday 4th September Added new premades to the BCMC site. Finished tests for the login page and first welcome wizard page. Warhammer game night. The strange »