Week In Review 15/2017

Monday 10th April Went for a walk and shop. Published the romance book. Edited 2 pages of the horror story. Daily Baby The foot will not »

Week in Review 14/2017

Monday 3rd April Author payments. Finally Amazon's bank reconciliation was done on time. Replied to the nursery emails. You just can't wing things with a baby. »

Week In Review 13/2017

Monday 27th March Exercise: step goal (?) - my fitbit got a bit confused and added some random steps, so I think I reached it but not »

Week In Review 12/2017

Monday 20th March Exercise: shopping walk Writing: plotting of the backstory Edited 2 pages. Warhammer - managed not to die again. Yay. :) Today's highlight was a »

Week In Review 11/2017

Monday 13th March Exercise: met step goal Corrected a few details in the residency form. Cool kitchen counter from bottle caps. Daily Baby Midnight snack - »