Week In Review 23/2017

Monday 5th June Alien: Covenant - I would say I enjoyed it more than Prometheus, however the crew's behaviour at some points is just as stupid. »

Week In Review 21/2017

Monday 22nd May Updated new kitchen layout in the 3d planner. Draft cover for a client. Weekly update post. Wrote 199 words. Warhammer evening - quite »

Week In Review 22/2017

Monday 29th May Bank holiday family day out. We took Zack on his longest train trip yet for an indoor BBQ with friends. Daily Baby Is »

Week In Review 20/2017

Quite disappointed I ended up breaking my writing streak on the weekend. Monday 15th May Wrote 220 words. Worked on the upload and add/save functionality »

Week In Review 19/2017

Monday 8th May Created an author central account for the horror pen name. Approved articles for the diet website. Setup authentication for the new BCMC website. »