Christmas is coming! I found myself slightly surprised by the Holiday this year, just cannot believe we are almost there. For the first time in England though, I’m not spending it at someone else’s place, I’m not in the middle of redecorating or going back home. Thus our new place got decorated.

We were going to get a fake tree, however after most places being out of stock or delivering in the middle of this week we accidentally ventured into the live tree section. And boy did it smell in there. We were very close to just dragging the biggest one they had home straight away, but after careful consideration of our dragging-power decided on a slightly smaller tree. It was a very eco-friendly move, as after Christmas the plant is going to be decorating our not-so-used balcony.

On the other hand the window decorations are not real pine, however they do look very realistic. After gravity-defying nail plus wall action we have two windows done with a third one still waiting (yes – this does mean 90% probability of more photos coming). Considering some spray on snow on the glass or maybe cut out paper flakes on string… what do you think?