It’s been a while since a game pulled me in so quickly. “Don’t Starve” is a little survival game with a quirky graphics style. It’s cute, it’s addictive and loads of fun, while being ruthless.

This is not a game for those with attachment issues. You can only save to take a break (it’s single player, so you can come back later if you need to go to work, or other boring stuff). If you die, that’s it, you start over.

There are a few things that carry over fortunately. For example your research – whatever you managed to discover before your untimely demise will be with you the next time round. Plans that is, not the items themselves or building materials you need to get stuff built.

The other thing that you get are experience points that unlock new characters. You start of with Wilson, the scientists, and as you gather experience points you unlock other characters.

Funny how I was looking for something to use as a reward – trying to increase your productivity while on a diet is hard… I wanted to avoid getting hooked on shopping as an alternative to sweets, and most of the games I play are looong. But a game was a good idea, I just needed something that I could dip in and out for say an hour, to unwind after work is done. And the opportunity presented itself with “Don’t Starve” – chasing bunnies and killing spiders seems like a perfect reward for getting all my writing done on time… ;)

The game is currently in beta, but you can get it on steam (or play in Chrome, though I couldn’t get that to work…).