Here comes another update… drumroll

Day 9

****Blogs: 325
Fiction: 1267
Other: 1778
Total: 11,769 (3370)

Day 10

Blogs (and forum posts): 445 + 923 + 995 (2363)
Fiction: 690
Total: 14,822 (3053)

OK, I think I can see where my word count is “leaking” during the day. I should probably revert to forum posts that consist of “I concur.” or “Well done!” – my responses are way to elaborate. Kind of depressing I write those a lot faster than a regular 900 words of fiction too.

Day 11

Blogs: 210 + 289 + 136 (635)
Fiction: 1474
Total: 16,931(2109)

Tried not to go overboard with the forum posts. In fact I’m trying to limit my reading and answering time in general.

Day 12

Blogs: 482 + 81 (509)
Fiction: 601
Total: 18,041 (1110)
Day 13
Fiction: 528
Total: 18,569

I’ve been recently swamped with work and this really is starting to affect my word count.

Day 14

Fiction: 1285
Total: 19,854

Day 15

Total: 19,854 (0)

Yeah, one of those days. Tried to get some work done before going out to hang with friends. These meetings somehow always seem to end way after midnight. Not that I’m complaining, but that doesn’t leave me many working hours. And clients do get priority over fiction…

Day 16

Other: 2429
Total: 22,283

No fiction, but I did catch up on some notes from our games. Since these often act as inspiration (and future reference material) at least it counts towards my FaNoWriMo word count. Met up with a different friend and went tot h cinema together, so I did end up going to a different town.  Can someone please invent teleportation, please?

Day 17

Total: 22,283 (0)

Every two weeks we have two games around the weekend (Friday and Sunday). The plan was not to stay up to late, but again – back home at 3am. Ended up working on client projects for a little bit and no time for writing.

I need to focus on a short-story for an anthology and a few editing projects this week, so not sure how that will affect my word count. Since the short needs some planning and plotting that won’t give me words towards my goal. The thing has to be under 6k too. If I had the time I’d overlap the plotting with writing for the other story, but that’s looking very unlikely.