FeathersJS Sequelize Soft Delete

It might have been the late hour but spent over 1.5h chasing this the other day... and getting tangled up in config and softdelete2 feathers-plus hooks.

Turns out to setup soft deletes in FeathersJS using feathers-sequelize you only need the Sequelize built in paranoid option.

Here's the example that makes it clear.

sequelizeClient.define('exampleTable', {  
    id: {
        type: DataTypes.BIGINT(20).UNSIGNED,
        primaryKey: true,
        autoIncrement: true,
}, {
    tableName: 'example_table',
    paranoid: true,
    deletedAt: 'deleted_at'

In essence:

  • no need to define a field for deleted_at
  • add the paranoid: true option to your sequelize model
  • add the field name deletedAt: 'deleted_at' option to your sequelize model (if using alt name)
  • sequelize model option timestamps: true should be set, though it is the default, so you likely won't need to declare it

If you need a query that includes the soft deleted items set paranoid: false in a hook.

context => {  
    context.params.sequelize = {paranoid: false};

Any includes will need their paranoid flag set:

context => {  
    context.params.sequelize = {
        include: [{
            model: SomeModel,
            paranoid: false
        paranoid: false