While on Easter holiday at my parents home we have been going out for daily walks. Living in the countryside has the definite benefit of enjoying some rare sights. Just to mark to really nice encounters – a couple of storks and a pack of young deer I’m giving away two photos – wallpapers. You can use these as you please.

The sky and the stork

stork-1024 1

The sky and the stork – 1024×768

The sky and the stork – 1200×960

The sky and the stork – 1600×1200

The photo is slightly enhanced to bring out the colours, as it turns out trying to shoot a flighing bird, especially from a far is quite tricky… We met this stork couple in one of the nearby nests and as I have a few more shots of the two I will posting more details about them soon.

Deer in Black & White

bw-deer-1024 5

Deer in b&w – 1024×768

Deer in b&w – 1280×960

Deer in b&w – 1600×1200

While chasing the stork we spotted this pack of deer up at the very edge of the hill. Really fun to watch!