As you can see this week hasn't been very productive. While in the middle of the server move I mainly focused on the diet that I had started on Monday. Unfortunately due to time constraints I still haven’t had a chance to write a proper post about it. However all in all I’m actually quite impressed with my progress so far – my only sin has been a pack of sugar-free banana crisps at the cinema.

Then again it is quite easy when you have an amazing cook living with you. I have been taking advantage of the fact that my mum is still staying with me. Unfortunately she will be going back to Poland on Thursday. That’s when the real challenge will start. While I picked up a few good ideas and quick and easy recipes, trying to juggle baby responsibilities, work AND cooking will be quite a task.

I guess I’m gonna be back at the point were going shopping counts as a “daily achievement”.

Also, one thing I haven't been writing down, but that has been consistently happening for a whole week: Zack sleeps through the night (I guess only parents can appreciate what this truly means when it comes to a newborn...). It has made setting up a routine a lot easier, even if we're not quite there yet.


9th January 2017

Started the Whole30 challenge.

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Action time! #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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10th January 2017

Took Zack to his first class - baby signing and sensory activities.

Went to the sling library and brought one back to try out.

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All snug and ready to go! #dailyBaby

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11th January 2017

Took Zack for a weight check.

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Raising head up high #dailyBaby

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12th January 2017

Did two print cover adjustments and listened to a business related webby from one of the publishing groups I'm in.

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Playtime. Serious business! #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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13th January 2017

Got up early (9am, ha ha ha) mostly because of the Health Visitor visit.

Sorted through some outstanding post - NHS survey, garden waste registration. Signed up for the first term of baby classes.

Finished copying another site from the old server to the new one. Trying out WP Multisite for the few Wordpress instances I have to keep.

Interesting article about rejuvenating abilities of young blood.

I'll avoid posting links to silly videos in these weekly recaps, but this one is a must see: Snow & Britain

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Those eyelashes! #dailyBaby

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14th January 2017

Learned to do fish in salt and stuffed peppers. Met up with a friend.

Just the way Donald Trump speaks gets on my nerves... Interesting to see some insights as to what makes up that horrid speaking style. Wonder if my annoyance with it means I'm immune to sales people?

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I have hands? They taste nice! #babyVoiceover #dailyBaby

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15th January 2017

Went to see Underworld: Blood Wars.

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Zack & donkey friend #dailyBaby

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