30th January 2017

First RPG session of the year :) Zack made a guest appearance:
Zack stealing dice at the table.

Daily Baby

Mind control... #dailyBaby

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31st January 2017

Baby sensory class.

Wrote up the weekly updates.

Daily Baby

I tell you Mr. Bear, if you smile they'll do anything for you... #babyVoiceover #dailyBaby

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1st February 2017

Created a few draft book covers for a client.

Put together the wooden baby gym toy (had to fetch a screwdriver for that one!).

Accounting for the authors who have published through my press.

Many traditional fairy tales are much darker in their original versions than what we are used to these days. Check out these Disney alternative story version images.

An interesting study on twins about how space travel affects us.

Daily Baby

I'll draw it better for you mommy... #babyVoiceover #dailyBaby #backtowork

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2nd February 2017

NCT meetup.

Daily Baby

Night time smiles #dailyBaby

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3rd February 2017

Finished the cover for a client.

Researched a topic for a new genre.

Amazing all black chicken!

Daily Baby

Have you seen my bottle? Have you seen it? It's gone! Gone forever! #babyVoiceover #dailyBaby

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4th February 2017

Walk to town for a nice meal out and some shopping.

Setup docker container for a node project.

Daily Baby

King of head control :-) #dailyBaby

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5th February 2017

Board games.

I try to remember about this, especially now that I have Zack - experiences are way more precious than any possessions. When I was a child we rarely spent money on things, but we had plenty of habits and rituals that we followed as a family, and these things have really stayed with me.

Fantastically creepy lava formation.

Daily Baby

Someone loves sitting up :-) #dailyBaby

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