I've decided to challenge myself in March, so from the 1st I aimed to write 1k words per day and get back into an exercise habit. Uhm... Started well, but then the double birthday weekend sort of got in the way... Will need to try harder next week.


27th February

No game today, ended up just creating a new Warhammer character for a friend and some chit-chat.

Edited 1.5 pages.

Setup an InDesign plugin in preparation for creating a photo album.

Wrote down goals for March.

Daily Baby

Tummy time is getting a lot better! #dailyBaby

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28th February

Baby sensory & shopping.

Birthday meal at home.

Draft cover for a client.

Edited 1 page.

It's scary how much trouble there is with obtaining residency in Britain, especially as it used to be automatic. Really regretting not sorting out my citizenship earlier... Interesting read here and here.

And on the topic of travel... the US circus.

On a more positive note, here's the secret to a fulfilling life.

Daily Baby

My little smiler #dailyBaby

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1st March

KIT day at work.

Wrote 1409 words.

Finalised cover for a client.

Research reading on the train.

A bit of baby fun... expectation vs reality.

Daily Baby

Talk to the hand teddy #babyVoiceover #dailyBaby

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2nd March

Edited 2 pages.

Research reading.

Started on the residency application.

Stephen King on writing in comic form.

Daily Baby

Tiny hands, sharp nails #dailyBaby

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3rd March

Wrote 1013 words.

Went to see Logan at the cinema.

A taxi booked earlier didn't come to pick up my parents from the airport so spent quite some time trying to sort things out and in the end had to ask OH to pick them up in London.

Edited 0.5 pages.

This was an interesting read, if only to learn about some of the small nuances of the various martial arts. Iron Fist

Daily Baby

Hungry croc, sleepy baby #dailyBaby

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4th March

Girls' day out - Siamese cat show and a meal out together with my sister, her friend, and our mom.

Daily Baby

Trying out the high chair :-) #dailyBaby

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5th March

Birthday party.

Dogs and their immortal masters...

Daily Baby

Good morning! #dailyBaby

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