8th May

Created an author central account for the horror pen name.

Approved articles for the diet website.

Setup authentication for the new BCMC website.

Daily Baby


9th May

Baby sensory classes. Zack slept before, slept after, and then slept in the afternoon. I think we have a growth spurt...

Created FB ads for the horror story.

Finished The Hundredth Queen by Emily R. King.

The women of Sparta.

Daily Baby

Sleeping, lots of sleeping #dailyBaby

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10th May

Trip to Virginia Water with a friend. Really nice day out and we were graced with great weather.

Finished reading Before You Sleep: Three Horrors by Adam Nevill.

Great BBC series about marketing and persuasion.

Daily Baby

Napping during a walk #dailyBaby

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11th May

Busy day in town. Shopping, post office.

Started plotting the horror short story.

Interesting article about the effect our names can have on us.

I have to say the news about the Saturn's moon being inhabitable gave me some fiction fodder ideas ha ha ha.

Daily Baby

Weaning still a no go ;) #dailyBaby

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12th May

Weekly update post.

Wrote 168 words.

Truly amazing how a small change can make a huge difference to an ecosystem.

Global warming map.

Daily Baby

Nursery ain't all that bad ;) #dailyBaby

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13th May

Wrote 931 words.

Baby swimming - first class where we had proper smiles.

Daily Baby

Buddies in the buggy #weeklyTeddy #dailyBaby

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14th May

Anniversary lunch with the in-laws.

Wrote 126 words.

By now probably everyone has heard about this, but still it was a fascinating read - killing the malware by buying a domain.

A good collection of tips on writing dialogue.

Daily Baby

Little dragon #6months #dailyBaby

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