5th June

Alien: Covenant - I would say I enjoyed it more than Prometheus, however the crew's behaviour at some points is just as stupid. But yay, pretty special effects and creepy monsters!

Catching up on accounting.

Daily Baby

At the table with daddy #dailyBaby

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6th June

Read through the building contract.

Approved SMM links.

Quite a sad fate for the last mamoths.

Daily Baby

Preoccupied #dailyBaby

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7th June

Clinic appointment.

Met up with a friend for a chat.

Updated the building plans with the new kitchen. Started working through building regs. paperwork. Filled out the building contract.

Finished reading the horror draft.

We need to talk about Diane Abbott. A very interesting read. And much needed one too. I do find it disgusting how often these days people forget that they are dealing with human beings not some fairy tale monsters. Would you hurl these insults to someone's face? (Yes, there are some that would, which is even more horrifying.) There's disagreeing with someone's views, there's laughing at the gaffes made, there's satire and critique, but there shouldn't be place for insults and abuse.

Daily Baby

Happy blanket time #dailyBaby

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8th June

Sorted building regs application and updated house insurance to include the extension.

Peanut-butter test for Alzheimers.

UK elections in Top Trump cards.

Daily Baby

Yummy! #dailyBaby

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9th June

Weekly post.

Draft covers for a client.

Finished the genre management for covers for the new BCMC site.

A movie for the Zodiac killer about the Zodiac killer.

Daily Baby

Self service #dailyBaby

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10th June

Cover drafts for a client.

Baby swimming class.

A heartbreaking appeal from a North Korean escapee.

Daily Baby

Bedtime with teddy #weeklyTeddy #dailyBaby

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11th June

An interesting approach to prisons.

Daily Baby

Not impressed with mommy's artsy photo efforts ;) #dailyBaby

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