19th June

Cleaned up the horror draft. Wrote 230 words.

Moved more furniture around and packed up games.

Added the "sold" banner styling to the premades section for the new BCMC site. Started work on the date input form for the premades.

Reusable bowls and cutlery. Interesting concept.

Remembering the murder you didn't commit.

Daily Baby

Rolling, rolling... #dailyBaby

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20th June

Baby sensory - Zack is one hyper baby excited about every activity we do in class...

Finalised a cover for a client.

Reviewed draft horror story.

Wrote 228 words.

Fastes animals in the world - a comparison.

Daily Baby

I like spoons #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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21st June

3D render for a client.

I was happy to not have anything planned for today. We stayed at home all day avoiding the heat.

Reviewed the new report format from Amazon in preparation for accounting on Friday.

Another great invention for a greener future. Slow current water turbine.

Intact dino, no feathers after all...

Flying robots.

Daily Baby

Too hot... #dailyBaby

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22nd June

Put together a boxset.

Another trip to the registry office to sort out the marriage certificate typo. This time I forgot OH's signature.

Daily Baby

Little angel #dailyBaby

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23rd June

Paid out royalties to authors.

Updated salary payments.

Applied for an amendment to the marriage certificate.

SMM images for a client.

Weekly update post.

Date handling and sql tweaks to the new BCMC site.

Daily Baby

Bottle grabber #dailyBaby

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24th June

Setup advertising for the boxset.

Wrote 255 words.

The evolution of cooperation as a mathematical model.

Daily Baby

Have YOU heard about this amazing thing called watermelon?! #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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25th June

Wrote 97 words.

Grill with the in-laws.

Your head and radiation...

Waterless toilets. Another long piece, but worth the read. It's quite fascinating how something we take for granted is actually quite a complex problem.

Daily Baby

Nap time #dailyBaby

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