26th June

Drew the plans for new sockets.

Posted the weekly update.

Weekly accounting.

Daily Baby

Bedtime friends #dailyBaby #weeklyTeddy

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27th June

Baby sensory class.

Cleared out the back of the kitchen so it can be blocked out for roof removal.

Awesome way to get revenge on phone scammers.

Daily Baby

Best part of the toy... #dailyBaby

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28th June

Wrote 583 words.

NCT baby meetup.

How the Game of Thrones music was done.

Daily Baby

Morning nap #dailyBaby #nekoatsume

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29th June

KIT day.

Daily Baby

I fits! #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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30th June

Finished listening to Steel World by B.V. Larson. A very enjoyable return to SF for me - funny warfare in space kind of book.

Ordered the skylight. Got quotes for side window.

Reviewed story draft.

Contact form and emails for new BCMC site.

The Killer in the Pool. Interesting article about orcas.

Daily Baby

Boats boats boats! #dailyBaby #bathtime

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1st July

Baby swimming class.

Packed another box of kitchen stuff and cleared up space in the garage.

Reviewed kitchen plans in terms of our storage needs.

"City Trees". There is a question whether this is worth the money and we should spend more on tackling the source of the pollution. Personally I think it's a bit like with the electric cars. Sure, the electricity we use to power them is often coming from old-fashioned energy sources. However eventually the source will be more sustainable too, and to use that to hold off from more eco-friendly cars is false logic. Same for these trees, sure they are not solving the root of the problem, but are a nice interim solution - they look nice and provide a good service.

What cookies and meth have in common?

Daily Baby

Asleep #dailyBaby

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2nd July

Trip to Bristol.

Wrote 111 words.

Daily Baby

Afternoon nap time #dailyBaby

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