17th July

Weekly update post.

Reviewed romance story submission.

Wrote horror story blurb.

Edited 6 pages.

This is your brain on gluten.

Daily Baby

Teddy and the tiger #dailyBaby #weeklyTeddy

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18th July

Baby weigh in.

I wish my school looked like this!

I used to own a pet rat. It too was adorable.

Daily Baby

Moving about all day long #dailyBaby

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19th July

New book marketing materials.

Updated metre readings.

Fixed the db after server maintenance killed mariadb.

Finished Tech World by B.V. Larson.

Births have dropped below 1 million in Japan. Some good points in the comments. We really do need to think about dealing with the fact that the current economy depends on constant population growth. Also in case of Japan their closed culture doesn't help. While I don't believe in dumping tons of fresh migrants/refuges in one place and inadvertently creating ghettos of foreign culture, I do think there is plenty of room for migration, especially when the immigrants have all the intentions to integrate into the society they are moving to.

Daily Baby

Mmmm, blueberries #dailyBaby

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20th July

Flyyyyyyyying... That was a long day. Normally I get to do some work during the flight. This time I got to work on keeping the baby asleep.

Paint the roads white to lower heat in cities.

Daily Baby

First flight! #dailyBaby

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21st July

I spent half the day dealing with Polish bureaucracy. Sorted my name change, marriage certificate and Zack's birth certificate. Unfortunately that was the end of good news. To get his passport we need to get him a PESEL number, and that requires getting him a permanent address registration. They really make it hard for him to become a proper passport wielding citizen.

Daily Baby

In a cornfield #dailyBaby

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22nd July

Checked several shops with flooring.

Posted new Facebook ads.

Edited 4 pages.

Whitewashing Ancient History

Daily Baby

Orange! #dailyBaby

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23rd July

Did cover drafts for a client.

Edited 2 pages.

Spent time with my grandparents.

Daily Baby

Ball buddies :) #dailyBaby #weeklyTeddy

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