31st July

Service images for main two BCMC offers.

Updated mongo server.

Watched final Planet of the Apes at the cinema. It was a good final movie for the trilogy. I think overall the first one made the biggest impression on me. but still, this one was a good movie.

Started work on graphics for the service icons for the new BCMC site.

Daily Baby

Getting ready to crawl... The race for the remote is on ;) #dailyBaby

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1st August

Finished the marketing template psd.

Researched play pens.

Weekly update post.

Milk based plastic wrap

Daily Baby

Hugs #dailyBaby #weeklyTeddy

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2nd August

Configured the Amazon Product API.

Successful reversal of brain damage in a child. As the video says - it's not for all cases, but amazing news nevertheless.

Tolkien sucked at geography.

Daily Baby

Splash time #dailyBaby

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3rd August

Daily Baby

Check out my new haircut! #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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4th August

Deployed the wedding site to the new server.

Deployed test BCMC site to the new server.

Maybe once I get better at keeping plants alive... Lettuce ball.

Daily Baby

Nap is over! #dailyBaby

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5th August

Took down my old books to pack them to send home.

Single Docker file setup for production and development environments. Revised file structure to facilitate continuous deployments with easy rollbacks.

The little project setup is shaping up really nicely. So much so, I might end up doing a blog post about it once it's done (still have the actual production deployment and db migration to tackle).

Daily Baby

The standoff #dailyBaby #weeklyTeddy

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6th August

Prepared and tested the deployment script. Had to split the Dockerfile for prod and dev after all. But still managed to maintain minimal setup steps.

Daily Baby

Going for a walk #dailyBaby

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