23rd October

Royalty payments for authors.

Halloween themed premade cover.

Finished "Ringworld" by Larry Niven. It's a classic, but it seems to spend way too much time on the scientific ideas and not enough on the plot. While I know it's a bit much to ask from an old book, it would have been better with less infodumping and more of the details being incorporated into the narrative.

Breeding apples. This was a lot more interesting than I had expected - the amount of work and time to develop a commercial strain, astonishing. Also didn't realise apple varieties are clones like bananas...

Daily Baby

Bed time with Teddy #dailyBaby #weeklyTeddy

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24th October

Ikea trip.

Went to see Kingsmen: the Golden Circle. I really like this series, can't help but thing this is what the old Bond movies should have been like.

Daily Baby

Buttons are interesting #dailyBaby

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25th October

Accounting work for my tax return... bleh.

Daily Baby

Zack & Jack #dailyBaby

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26th October

More taxes...

To stay young, kill zombie cells.

Daily Baby

Cheeky monkey #dailyBaby

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27th October

Mostly taxes...

Went to see Thor: Ragnarok in the cinema. Wow. That was one psychedelic dose of fun.

Daily Baby

Long day at nursery, yet still full of smiles #dailyBaby

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28th October

Stranger Things marathon in Bristol. And a walk. But mostly Stranger Things...

Daily Baby

I like hats... On other people ;) #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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29th October

Stranger Things finale and Halloween hangout.

Wallpaper designs for a client.

Also discovered a leaking pipe, realised a good part of the new flooring has been soaking in water from underneath, and then struggled to get the water turned off properly. I'm just about done with all this renovations crap.

Daily Baby

Bedtime is for losers! ;) #dailyBaby

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