Inspired by the Tim Ferris’ 5-Bullet Friday emails, and the fact that not all my friends are on social media, and that sometimes interesting things just get lost in the noise (even when it’s you looking for something you yourself posted earlier…) I’ve decided to do a weekly recap of all the interesting stuff I’ve read or seen. It’s also a way to ease myself into blogging again, but don’t expect too much elaborate content, since most of the time I find other people put the interesting fact more eloquently than I could. :)

Not Just Black Slavery

Hidden away as a photo comment I found this piece about Irish history quite a fascinating read.

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Floating Farm Solar Powered Floating Farm

The article doesn’t offer that many details, but the concept is absolutely fascinating. It also seems to be a bit more than just a pretty drawing, like we sometimes see in case of these futuristic self-sustainable city/boat ideas.

Codegirl the Movie

I watched the movie while it was available for free on YouTube and have to agree with the review. Interesting to watch for someone from the tech community, but a bit too much focused on the competition itself. Felt very rushed, and I wouldn’t really see anyone paying for the movie, so in all honesty it really should stay free. It’s good to see the topic being raised, but in the end the movie fell a bit flat for me at actually showing the way for those girls interested in exploring a tech career as an option.

The Witcher Movie

Yes, we did have a Polish Witcher movie years ago, but it was nothing to shout about (I did like the soundtrack though). With the games success one can hope that a big international production will actually do something good. Not much info yet though.

Brickwork Quality Change

An interesting essay about the difference in building standards and approach to brickwork over the last 100 years. Love the lamp evolution photo in the beginning of the article.