WordPress can often be such a pain to deal with…

Recently I was trying to get an installation updated as well as some of the plugins. What should have been a straightforward task, turned out to be several hours of messing around with permissions and trying to figure out why even 777 isn’t enough for the updates to NOT fail and what user should own what.

Well it turns out that it’s only partly the fault of WordPress as it is an issue with the FTP server. Still some better messaging would be helpful…

There were mentions about a patch and fixes in potentially in the 3.2 WP version related to the error I was getting:

Could not copy file.: /public_html/wp-admin/css/theme-editor.dev.css

However only after stumbling across this page I found an easy and quick solution.

Turns out it was enough to just switch from Pure-FTPD to Pro-FTPD.