Week In Review 26/2017

Monday 26th June Drew the plans for new sockets. Posted the weekly update. Weekly accounting. Daily Baby Bedtime friends #dailyBaby #weeklyTeddy A post shared by Joanna »

Week In Review 27/2017

Monday 3rd July Collected corrected marriage certificates. Weekly update. Booked skylight delivery. Approved articles to be scheduled. Updated Wordpress. Reviewed story draft. Daily Baby Hugs? ;) #dailyBaby »

Week In Review 25/2017

Monday 19th June Cleaned up the horror draft. Wrote 230 words. Moved more furniture around and packed up games. Added the "sold" banner styling to the »

Week In Review 24/2017

Monday 12th June Draft covers for client. Wrote 416 words. Art and LSD Daily Baby Magic rings #dailyBaby A post shared by Joanna Walker (@yish83) on »

Week In Review 23/2017

Monday 5th June Alien: Covenant - I would say I enjoyed it more than Prometheus, however the crew's behaviour at some points is just as stupid. »