I should probably start by admitting that I haven't played the game itself. But like must gamers (unless they've been living under a rock) I had an idea about what Assassin's Creed is about. I knew about the praise it got and about the interesting "time travel" bit, However it being a bit too action oriented for my taste one never actually played it. The premise intrigued me, but there always were enough actual rpgs to keep me occupied.

Cue the movie. Right from the trailers it looked great. And after seeing it, Assassin's Creed the movie is definitely worth the big screen. It unapologetically mimics game aesthetics and maybe it says a lot about games too, but some scenes felt exactly like something that would be part of gameplay.

I haven't read any reviews (I find too many film critics are just cinema snobs who don't understand the movie genre nor the target audience if the movie isn't some sort of deep drama...) beforehand as I like to go in unbiased. It's often hard to stop thinking about something that a person mentioned as a flaw and that then ruins my enjoyment.

The movie was cool. Not groundbreaking, not complex, not full of Oscar winning performances. But it was a fun romp with great score over dynamic chases and some great parkour sequences. I enjoyed the special effects, and so what that there were plenty of plot holes. Sometimes you just go with it and enjoy the ride.