The moment I saw the trailer for Django, I knew I wanted to see this in the cinema. I love most of Quentin Tarantino’s movies and how outrageous, silly, and action packed they are. And the movie didn’t disappoint.

I was actually surprised how many twists and plot points there were. Maybe it’s the usually simplistic plot of action movies, but it was a nice change, that the road to the goal of the character’s wasn’t a straight one (far from it…). This did not dampen the action tough.

A lot of the dialogues were hilarious, and I really enjoyed the German doctor character. His “professional” carriage with the giant tooth bouncing on top of it on a giant spring really did set the mood for the whole movie.

Some people took issue with the swearing, especially the use of the n-word. It didn’t really feel excessive, and political correctness does seem to go a bit overboard these days. Not to start a rant here, but either a word is taboo or not, I find it pretty idiotic for some people to be allowed to use a word while others cannot.

The music in the movie worked great, and I very much enjoyed the acting of pretty much all the main characters. DiCaprio was quite a funky one here, though at the turning point he really did show a different side, and the outburst was a scary moment. I was actually surprised how late in the movie we get to see him though. The trailer does only focus on some of the aspects of the movie, so that was a bit of a surprise.