Struggling to find a topic today. I have a few backups

  • Why I love my Win8
  • What the heck is a phablet
  • What makes an engaging post (not really this one…)
  • Daily word counts

However for most of these I have a specific idea about what I wanted to write about, and what I wanted to include. That would involve doing research I don’t have time for. It’s almost like writing about the engaging posts now, but I know there was so much I wanted to reference…

Maybe I should start a new category “Random Ramblings” where I’ll just channel whatever pops in my head on the days the deadline is looming and my quick idea bank is empty…

Recently realized that I seem to write the funny posts when I’m half falling asleep. Might be my internal snob and censor falling asleep and not checking what the hell I’m typing up. The writing almost feels funny then.

I will eventually write about the topics above, but without the pressure of hitting the daily post target. Otherwise my essay on engaging posts might be limited to whatever generic advice I can come up with on the spot. Not very useful for potential readers.

This whole month has been pretty weird. Not being superstitious or anything but I do hope this is not how the whole year is going to look – unfocused, tired, riddled with a cold and unable to get anything significant done (well, a least I haven’t given up on the 30DB thing…). A holiday at my parent’s might not be the best way to start a productive February, but one can hope…