Finally, the last day of the month. Almost fitting that the last day will be number 31 for a 30 day blogging challenge…

I must say I hoped I would enjoy the writing more. It made me realize that in fact I should be writing (almost) daily, but the content is meant to go to several places. Writing for all the various sites AND the personal blog proved to be hard. Sometimes I had an idea for a post, however this wasn’t really the right place to post it, but at the same time I wanted to keep up with the daily writing, so ended up posting here something random rather than the stuff I did want to write.

With all that said, it’s probably obvious I won’t be posting daily here. It did make me realize that I do need to plan my content better and draw up some sort of schedule to keep on top all my sites and make sure they all get more or less a similar amount of attention. I do have a tendency to get excited about one thing and then leave everything else untouched for a few months which isn’t the greatest strategy when it comes to blogging.

Another thing that I struggled with was the quality of the posts. I do prefer writing longer but researched pieces, and having to do that daily, would mean little time left for other things, especially other writing projects. I still have a few topics that I planned to write about for a while, but didn’t feel comfortable just throwing them out as a quick note.

The whole month has been a bit blah, so not sure if it’s specifically due to the blogging challenge, but my book writing has completely halted. Before, I’d often push myself to get that daily word count on one of the books done , but it seems that has been replaced by a push for the daily blog post.Think, I’ll stick to one writing “challenge” at a time from now on.

Despite all that, it wasn’t a completely negative experience, and it did help me get back to just writing in general after a bit of a break. And the blog won’t look so dead now. I’ll probably try to write at least every week or two, and make it a more thoughtful article thanks to the extra time available for research.