Wicked at 30

Some people dread the big 30. Personally I had a few brief moments of doubt before my birthday over the last few months, but nothing too panicky. The day finally came, and strangely I still feel the same. No earth shattering drama here. I don’t really have any regrets when it comes to life, and all in all I consider things very much on track where I’d like them to be going… Even a bit boring for some (I’m looking at you Kat…) but I prefer my crazy to by planned…

Birthday giftsI had an early start this year when my sister surprised me with a few gifts just after midnight (we are both night owls…), even though technically I think I should wait till something like 7am… She knows me so well – I got a large mug, that means less trips to the teapot to fill me lemon & tea addiction, and among other things a cute blank notebook for all the writing stuff I do.

In the morning I was greeted with a lovely card and a boxset of Lost from the “in-laws”. Have been looking forward to that for a while now! Even the weather was looking good – surprise, surprise! Later my partner took me out to London for a great meal and a surprise treat – we went to see Wicked the musical.

Wicked - the musical

It was a marvellous experience. Makes me wish my books one day get made not only into a movie but a musical too. Hey, one can dream… Whenever I go to see live events on stage I am always amazed at how they are able to create such gorgeous sets and swap them around in such short time. Same goes for the actors and costume changes. I imagine it’s a madhouse behind the curtains with the dramatic differences in attire between the scenes. The songs were awesome and it was a nice surprise to see the where the show differed from the book.

Later that week me and Kat had a shared birthday party – my sister celebrates hers 4 or 5 days after mine (depending on the year). It was a small party at home with a bunch of friends – had loads of fun with loads of cake, a bit of alcohol and a solid amount of laughter.

I tried to make some New Year resolutions this year. It’s tough to admit, but things haven’t been going according to plan much. I’m not even sure where the first two months of this year went, time just seemed to slip through my fingers and excuses piled on. However I do have some goals I’d like to achieve by 35, which means procrastination needs to be cut short. After all, it’s time to start the five year plan of world domination to success…