I Have Been Summoned - 30DB #29

Today when I checked my letterbox in the afternoon I had a surprise waiting for me. At first I though it was more tax related paperwork, then for a brief panic moment I though I’ve been sued, to finally realize it was a summoning for jury duty. Phew.

A lot of people when they see that immediately start looking for excuses, but personally I was actually rather excited. I’ve already had a chance to see the inside of the local Young Offenders Prison in Reading (just as a visitor thankfully), and seeing the inside of a courtroom could be an interesting experience. Yes, I do watch too many crime dramas…

Unfortunately I do have a holiday planned a month after the date in the letter, so will have to call the number they gave and enquire about  the situation. However all in all I’d actually be happy to attend rather than defer my duty, as long as I don’t have to cancel flights.