23rd January 2017

I picked up the sling from the post office and did a big shop. But after that everything went wrong... Game meeting didn't happen (so now I have a fridge full of chicken and carrots and way too many tangerines...). Also maybe better that it didn't happen as Zack got sick in the afternoon. That meant the evening was spent by both parents desperately trying to calm down a wailing baby.

Thanks to Calpol we prevailed. However it does make me appreciate even more how calm and unfussy he usually is.

Daily Baby

Serious baby is serious #dailyBaby

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24th January 2017

Baby back to normal - happy times at the sensory class.

Sorted medicine for the kitties.

Started work on moving the rpg forum to the new server.

How people with different types of blindness see the world. I do love the pink one. Would like to think those people are constantly happy!

The true reason Microsoft added games to Windows :D

And finally, "The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words."

Daily Baby

Progressed from licking the hand to trying to eat it... #dailyBaby

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25th January 2017

Trip through the park to ASDA.

Finished moving the rpg forum to the new server. One more site to go and I'm done. Yay!

Daily Baby

First bubble bath! #dailyBaby

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26th January 2017

Cried over spilt milk. Somehow the bloody stuff is more precious than gold...

NCT meetup.

Daily Baby

Starting to grasp things :-) #dailyBaby

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27th January 2017

Done the majority of the work for the last website that needed to be moved to the new server.

It looks awesome, but very slippery at the same time, and probably quite cold. But still, looks awesome ;)

Daily Baby

Happy mornings #dailyBaby

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28th January 2017

Had a family walk and did some shopping. Finished the server move.

Cool list of dystopian novels.

Now with all the horrible news in politics, about the environment, etc. it was nice to find something truly positive.

Daily Baby

Looking up into the stars... Or a lamp. #dailyBaby

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29th January 2017

Another walk around the park this time. Finally found the pond and the miniature railway tucked away in the park corner.

Decided to devote Sundays to leisurely activities only.

Cleaned up my author Pinterest account and will now be using a new personal one not to mix things together awkwardly. Having my personal one as a collaborator for the author one will mean I can post quickly whenever I find something cute or cool without having to switch between accounts. And at the same time I won't spam my SF author account with random recipes and kitty photos...

Daily Baby

Ready for a walk #dailyBaby

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