27th March

Exercise: step goal (?) - my fitbit got a bit confused and added some random steps, so I think I reached it but not sure ;)

Warhammer evening.

Finished editing the romance story.


It's sad how reliant we are on fossil fuels. It still annoys me that rather than take that to heart and work even harder to move where we can to renewable resources, some people still insist the old way is best. Out of the ashes.

Daily Baby

In the garden again #dailyBaby

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28th March

Exercise: step goal reached

Baby sensory class.

Finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.

Well, I knew that already... Cats are nice, scientists find.

Daily Baby

I swear the dummy fell out by itself! #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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29th March

Baby passport received. At least someone is making headway with paperwork...

Power Rangers! Surprisingly fun and entertaining. :)

Spent some time researching nurseries and general childcare options. This stuff is expensive and complicated :(

Daily Baby

The ball is mine! :-) #dailyBaby #babyvoiceover

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30th March

Dug out the spare high chair from the garage to put in the kitchen. Getting a bit tired of dragging the car seat or the other high chair around the house.

Preview screening with free popcorn. Yay!

EU citizenship after Brexit

Daily Baby

For a day he was the only person with travel documents in the house, lol #dailyBaby #weeklyTeddy

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31st March

Exercise: yoga

Booked our trip to Bournemouth.

Setup the new book on Wattpad.

Write character history for Warhammer.

Wrote 368 words - horror story.

Game of Thrones!!!

Human life as a game

Daily Baby

Helping out in the kitchen #dailyBaby

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1st April

Wrote 547 words.

Baby swimming class. Zack hasn't cried once during all the diving. And we had quite a bit of splashing and feet paddling.

The recipe is okay, but the subtitles...

Daily Baby

Nom nom nom #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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2nd April

Posted last week's update. Oops, got a bit delayed with that one.

Had a great time doing a BBQ with friends.

Completed recruitment process for two writers and prepared story ideas and plot outlines.

Not the sexiest of topics, but go science! Scientists have recreated a period.

Stunning work from this little fish.

Daily Baby

Sleeping through the BBQ #dailyBaby

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