3rd April

Author payments. Finally Amazon's bank reconciliation was done on time.

Replied to the nursery emails. You just can't wing things with a baby... I do hate planning so far in advance.

Got a quote from the builder. Maybe something will finally start moving on the renovation front.

Instead of RPGs we did a board game night today. I really like the new Cthulhu meets Pandemic game :D

Fixed missing ingredient names issue on the recipe website.

People explaining their jobs badly.

Daily Baby

Sitting... just about. ;) #dailyBaby

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4th April

Checked over the two submitted first chapters and sent back feedback. Planned story details for the third book.

Had a visit from a friendly neighbour to chat about the pond.

How food photographs are made...

Daily Baby

Blowing bubbles #dailyBaby

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5th April

My first nursery visit. I had Zack with me and I thought my arms would fall of half way through the extensive tour of the place. I guess since he's not a clingy baby I've never developed my arm muscles properly...

Got another prescription ordered.

Booked two more nursery viewings for next week.

Cleaned up a bunch of old tasks in asana and sent out a few old invoices.

Daily Baby

Garden nap #dailyBaby

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6th April

Went for a walk and met up with a friend.

Watched the first episode of the new season of The 100. I do love that show.

Culinary Life Hacks tested! :D

Daily Baby

Playful #dailyBaby

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7th April

Went to town to pick up the prescription and get medicine for Zack. Booked an appointment with a hairdresser and treated myself to a strawberry and chocolate waffle.

Did a bit of accounting - downloaded bank statements for last year.

Photoshoot with teddy ;) Spent some time with Zack in the garden.

Daily Baby

In the sun with teddy #dailyBaby

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8th April

Posted the weekly update.

Wrote 180 words.

Daily Baby

Sit or stand - the only two acceptable options #dailyBaby

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9th April

Early Easter with the in-laws (we're away next weekend). Nice walk in the park.

Updated the BCMC website.

More task cleanup in Asana.

Get Fit and Lit with the Lord

Daily Baby

What do you mean it's not edible? #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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