10th April

Went for a walk and shop.

Published the romance book.

Edited 2 pages of the horror story.

Daily Baby

The foot will not be contained #dailyBaby

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11th April

Visited a nursery in Basingstoke and met up with friends from work.

Sent out the newsletter with new book release details. Updated books on Author Central. Created an FB ad for the book.

Daily Baby

Playful evening #dailyBaby

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12th April

Nursery visit. Very pleased with what I've seen today - friendly staff and the place looked bright, colourful and looked after. But they barely had any places left!

Edits to one of the horror stories.

Formatted the other horror story for OH to proofread.

Research for a cover for a client.

Finished listening to the final book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone - Dreams of Gods and Monsters. Most of the ending felt satisfying but the wishy washy prophecy stuff introduced late in the series was a bit dull and dragged out the epilogue without an actual conclusion.

Life lessons from video games.

Daily Baby

Zack vs. Teddy #dailyBaby #weeklyTeddy

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13th April

Created cover mockups for a client.

Met with a friend and her baby.

Signed up Zack to a local nursery for 2 days a week. The local Ofsted Outstanding nursery looked really nice and fortunately had a spot left for a part time baby. Hoping that the couple days a week will help combat separation anxiety later on and will add some variety to little guys weekly activities.

Posted weekly update.

Daily Baby

Good posture #dailyBaby

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14th April

Finished cover for a client.

BBQ with friends and family.

On co-sleeping. Personally I'm quite frustrated with all the anti-co-sleeping materials everywhere. It is natural. And while I get it, it's easier to just say "don't do it" than explain all the nuances (though most are pretty common sense - don't drink, or take drugs, don't have pillows or blankets over the baby, etc.), it still bugs me that sometimes even the mention of co-sleeping will get comments as if you were dangling your baby off an edge of a cliff...

I was quite annoyed a while ago, when there was an article against co-sleeping from a mother who's baby had died. The article started by listing how she followed all the co-sleeping guidelines, and then ended up explaining how the child died when she fell asleep with it on the sofa (or an armchair, can't remember now). Which is a tragedy, but not really a co-sleeping issue! Yet, the sensational headlines would like you to think that was the case.

Daily Baby

5 months old! :-) #dailyBaby

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15th April

Went to the hairdresser - had a colour and a cut.

Created 2 covers.

Daily Baby

Tik tok, 5 seconds to disarm the bomb #dailyBaby

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16th April

Easter Sunday with family in Bournemouth.

Wrote a story idea.

Amazing underwater footage.

I was quite surprised by the article about the Fearless girls statue and the bull. The origins of both statues are fascinating, and not quite as black and white as one might think.

Daily Baby

Easter lamb #dailyBaby

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