23rd April

Published the horror book. Quite excited to see how the new genre fares.

Setup a temporary redirect for the publisher page. Created the FB cover and profile images for the horror book.

Daily Baby

Evening giggles #dailyBaby

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24th April

Created FB ads for the horror book.

Baby sensory and first settling in session at the nursery. It was mostly chitchat with Zack's future keyworker and seeing him play with the toys at the nursery. They have a lot of neat sensory bits and bobs for little ones.

Daily Baby

Yummy bottle #dailyBaby

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25th April

Second settling in session. This time Zack stayed for 1.5h on his own. Other then a little cry when he got woken up when I took him out from the buggy he did great.

2 covers and 3D renders for a client.

Applied kitty treatment.

Yes, yes I do hate socializing...

Daily Baby

New favourite toy :-) #dailyBaby

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26th April

Changed one of the horror covers, as the image wasn't really that suitable.

Posted weekly update.

Tips for buying ripe and tasty watermelons.

Fascinating article about a woman who doesn't forget and her earliest memory is from when she was 12 days old!

Not quite the advice I was looking for, but nevertheless an interesting read. Want to be successful as a woman - have just one kid.

Daily Baby

Going for the jugular #dailyBaby #weeklyTeddy #vampireBaby

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27th April

Updated the docker image to use pm2. Made some progress on the BCMC website update.

Zack had his second settling in session. I swear he seems to enjoy his time there more than at home... And I think as the youngest by quite a bit I think he does get some extra attention.

Daily Baby

Deep in thought #dailyBaby

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28th April

Edited 1 page of the horror story.

Baby swimming class.

Daily Baby

Weaning, we're doing it wrong ;) #dailyBaby

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29th April

Trip to IKEA.

Finished editing the horror story.

New BCMC homepage layout. I also realised I needed to exclude css from pm2 watchlist as the sass middleware kept refreshing the file unnecessarily.

British food explained for Americans.

Daily Baby

Sleepy baby #dailyBaby

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