1st May

Started on the prologue for the horror story.

Went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - it was amazing!

Daily Baby

Toys... toys... Nah, the pillow's more interesting #dailyBaby

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2nd May

Baby sensory. Zack showed a lot of excitement today for the crocodile toy.

Weekly update.

Requested quotes from tree surgeons.

It's quite depressing how powerless against our own biases. I guess the comic sums it up well, the best we can do is try and question everything we take for granted.

More bad news for civilisation. It does make me sometimes feel like we're living a Game of Thrones like scenario... Brexit, Trump, climate-change deniers, all the petty squabbles of the politicians more interested in their own self interest than the betterment of society, all the while the Earth is deteriorating. Whether they believe this is man made or not, how people can still ignore the fact things are changing and refuse to do something about it and invest in our children's future.

Daily Baby

Escape? Why would you think I'm trying to escape? #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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3rd May

Final settling in session.

Finished Already Dead by Charlie Huston.

Work-life balance tips from Ivanka Trum.... So, 8am-6pm is leaving early? And she went back to work 1 week after giving birth? And it's supposed to be empowering women? Jeez, I was barely out of the hospital by that point. One of many reasons I wouldn't consider living in the US.

Daily Baby

Getting better at sitting :-) #dailyBaby

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4th May

Tree surgeon quote.

Finished the prologue for the horror story.

Daily Baby

Bouncing... You're doing it wrong! #dailyBaby

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5th May

First full day at the nursery. In the meantime went out for an anniversary lunch and movie with OH. Boss Baby was hilarious.

Added front and back matter to the horror story.

Quote from a second tree surgeon.

Daily Baby

Green Batman #dailyBaby

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6th May

Baby swimming class - good diving today. Quite surprisingly no one cried. As it was the last class of the term we got a little badge for Zack and a certificate.

Wrote the blurb for the horror story.

Added database support for the new BCMC website.

Daily Baby

Weekly teddy #dailyBaby

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7th May

Underwater photoshoot with Zack. He was brilliant even with the huge amount of diving.

Grill in the evening.

Published the horror book.

Elven RPG - Biura i Ludzie. Absolutely hilarious.

Interesting study about multilingual speakers and the perception of time.

Daily Baby

I haven't tried the feet yet #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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