7th August

Weekly update post.

Builds and releases setup. More docker research.

Daily Baby

King Zack.#dailyBaby

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8th August

Setup Sequelize migrations.

Daily Baby

Just sitting, on my own, on a bench... #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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9th August

Deployed production site (beta) for the new BCMC website. Updated readme files for both repositories.

Setup the DIY covers page (no content yet).

Styled the login page.

Sad to see the big companies, especially apple only paying lip service to their eco claims... Apple's greed is killing the planet.

Biology isn't why tech is a boy's club

Daily Baby

Tiny overlord plotting world domination #dailyBaby

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10th August

Loads of packing and going through old books to decide which ones to keep.

Indoor salad farming.

Daily Baby

Yum! #dailyBaby

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11th August

DIY covers content.

Responsive styling for the menu.

Applied for new passports for me and Zack and collected my ID card. You just got to love the queues at those offices...

We were hit by some super-storm in the evening and lost electricity for the night.

Daily Baby

Proud grandpa #dailyBaby

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12th August

In the morning it turned out electricity might not be coming back that quickly... The storm had broken and uprooted a massive amount of trees in the whole region. With just one branch falling on our marquee we considered ourselves lucky compared to the damage our neighbours had to endure... All the local parks have been decimated and Gniezno's cathedral was struck by lightning.

In Polish, but the pictures give an idea of the damage :( Storm aftermath.

Daily Baby

Carpet crawler #dailyBaby

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13th August

More fixes for the docker scripts. This time it was permissions. So glad I'm sorting this out on a small project.

School vs reality.

Daily Baby

Check out Mr. Teddy! #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover #weeklyTeddy

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