28th August

Cover drafts for a client.

Installed bootstrap 4 react components for WriterPA. Started setting up Redux.

Daily Baby

Daddy & son #dailyBaby

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29th August

Setup state loading and saving with Redux.

Onboarding wizard for WriterPA.

Jest+enzyme setup.

Daily Baby

Death to the raspberry! #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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30th August

Had nails done. Visited grandparents and aunt and uncle.

Went to see The Hitman's Bodyguard - really fun thriller/comedy.

Weekly post update.

Interesting React+Redux talk.

Daily Baby

Too cool for glasses ;) #dailyBaby

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31st August

Jest+enzyme test for the authentication app.

Joy of joys, had to reinstall completely the whole Office suite, as the thing crashed and burned to the point where even the uninstall had errors...

Last minute visits from relatives who wanted to say good-bye to Zack before we go home tomorrow.

Daily Baby

I love water #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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1st September

Travel back home.

From Twilight Sleep to Push Presents: How Birth Has Changed Through the Decades Because we don't share this sort of information enough... ;)

Daily Baby

Last day at granny's #dailyBaby #weeklyTeddy

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2nd September

Cleaning bits of the house.

Zack's first Nandos.

Paint shopping.

I do love such amazing transformations.

Good use for old tyres.

Daily Baby

Blocks blocks blocks #dailyBaby

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3rd September

Finalised cover for a client. 2 print covers for a client.

Reviewed final romance chapters.

Ordered kitchen and booked installation date.

Learning to listen to your own thoughts.

Daily Baby

Back in the jumperoo, now standing (and eating pizza) #dailyBaby

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