Time for another update. All the way till day 8 today and I have to say, if I were to go with the daily target I’d be lagging behind. Still a while to catch up though.

Day 4

Fiction: 1444

Total: 5031

Two sessions that gave a nice outcome for the day.

Day 5

Fiction: 190

Total: 5221

Uhm, yeah, not great. Spent some time out with friends, still had to do client work, so not much time left for writing.

Day 6

Fiction: 977

Total: 6198

Nice chunk written. A lot of my scenes are around the 1k mark, at least in first draft. Or mini-scenes, where I reach a good point to break writing even if the scene is not done. Seems like my brain gets tired after two hours (Did I mention I’m a slow typist?).

Day 7

Fiction: 969

Total: 7168

More work on The Hunt – things are going forward and I found a solution to my dilemma. The side character somehow gets a life of her own, too. So many secrets…

Day 8

Fiction: 1231

Total: 8399

Another full scene finished. I’m happy that I’ve finally joined up to where I was before in the story (scrapped part of the concept, added characters and reworked the plot, so the story had a slight detour from the original concept).

Seeing the total, I’m actually quite happy. It is an average of 1k per day, so I’m less behind then I thought – I note down the numbers but summed up only today.

I might need to start adding any longer forum/social media posts to the count. Just to see how much word count that steals from my day.

Since I’ve established my writing speed hovers around 500 word per hour I’ll try to do some dictation to see what the speed is with that method. Though I struggle a bit to get overcome feeling silly when talking out loud and it does throw me out of Scrivener, since DNS behaves funny in that. So need to copy&paste from DragonPad.