With November (and NaNoWriMo) finished it’s time for the final update.

Day 25

Blogs: 397
Fiction: 778
Total: 31,646 (1175)

Day 26

Blogs: 608
Fiction: 473
Total: 32,727 (1081)

Day 27
Fiction: 515
Total: 33,242 (515)

Day 28
Fiction: 1195
Total: 34,437 (1195)

Day 29
Total: 34,437

Day 30
Blogs: 1394
Total: 35,831 (1394)

As you can see from the final day entry I ended up coming up short of my 50k target. I did want to catch-up more, but unfortunately client work has pretty much taken over my life. However this will make for an interesting comparison point for this month.

Take aways from this month’s experiment:

It’s interesting to track all sorts of writing. I never realised how many words I’m “losing” on forums, blogs, emails, etc. Turns out it’s not just time spent reading what others have to say on writing that takes my time away from writing, but also my own replies too. Next step would be to try and time these longer replies – might turn out I get a better typing speed there.

Despite planning to devote two hours a day to writing, that’s been rarely met, especially in the later part of the month. I’m still unsure of how to qualify the time spent writing for clients. Should that go under the “client work” or “writing” block of time? With more editing work coming my way that is another problematic task, when it comes to classification.

Regardless of typing speed I noticed my mind gets tired and starts taking shortcuts around the 1k words mark. Seems like I need a break or I naturally drift towards ending the scene. Would be interesting to see if it’s more to do with the time it takes me to write this amount or the word count itself.