Sometimes I don’t really know where the time goes. Another week’s gone by and my word count seems stuck in place.

Day 18

Blogs: 701

Total: 22,984 (701)

Another short day. Stayed up late playing a game with friends on Sunday, and then had another one Monday evening.

Day 19

Blogs: 749

Total: 23,733(749)

No fiction, just a few smaller blog posts.

Day 20

Blogs: 125

Fiction:  974

Total: 24,832(1099)

Started work on a ghost writing project. Had to put my own book on hold for a bit.

Day 21

Fiction: 797

Other: 334

Total: 25963 (1131)

Making decent progress. As usual it seems my brain can handle one scene per day.

Day 22

Blogs: 170

Fiction:  2063

Other: 995

Total: 29,191 (3228)

Decent progress on fiction. Unfortunately need to push harder if I am to come even close to my goal.

Day 23

Fiction:  1280

Total: 30,471 (1280)

Working on the ghostwriting project.

Day 24


Sundays are proving hard for writing. Though the RPG games we play are a great inspiration, both literally and as far as a more general creative brain reset is concerned.

Well, I’ve reached 30k. That’s more than my first attempt at NaNoWriMo. Can I reach the 50k? Unlikely, but I’ll try to get as much writing done this week as I can. The non-writing work really does eat away at my time. I’ve had some things to do for a loca charity too that I’ve been putting off for way too long.

This leads me to an interesting statement about NaNoWriMo I’ve read somewhere recently. The author didn’t comment on this explicitly, but talked about how by the 20th day people drop out and other cheer them up with words akin to “Don’t worry, you’ll get it next year.” This really struck me as strange. Maybe they are referring specifically to the 50k goal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at least some of them meant it as, “yeah, go back to your day job now, and wait till next Novemeber with this writer stuff.”

Well, whether I fail or succeed this month, it doesn’t mean I stop writing in Decemeber, Janurary, February… you get the point. Every month should be a challenge, pushing for, well not necessarily higher word count, but definitely getting more written and published*.

I’m already pondering on keeping up with the weekly stats at least for December, and maybe later if I don’t get bored with taking notes and people still want to read the numbers.

  • Still should be quality writing though.