Quite disappointed I ended up breaking my writing streak on the weekend.


15th May

Wrote 220 words.

Worked on the upload and add/save functionality for the BCMC website redesign.

I try to avoid politics related posts, but that was a bit too similar to Trump reality... May's campaign photos.

Daily Baby

Boss baby after nursery #dailyBaby

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16th May

Wrote 853 words.

Baby sensory, Zack's really, really excited by the Crocodile toy there. I'm guessing he's going to crawl soon just to grab it. No such luck at home, ha ha ha.

Big shopping trip.

The one simple sign your relationship is a happy one. I do have to very much agree with this. I really don't have to post constant selfies with my husband to prove to the world we love each other. As long as the other person knows it, it should be enough.

Daily Baby

I like peppers #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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17th May

Weekly update post.

Wrote 898 words.

Zack was a bit grumpy, but boy does he love oranges!

Daily Baby

It's mine! #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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18th May

Finished listening to Lord of the Flies by William Golding. A bit meh, if I'm to be honest.

Wrote 596 words. Sigh. I'm such a slow writer...

Future of Dubai. Interesting to see forward thinking, while many supposedly developed countries struggle with climate change deniers. I do wonder how much progress will they actually make and what inventions might come out of it.

Daily Baby

nap time #dailyBaby

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19th May

Author royalties paid out.

Submitted a book to the free promo book sites.

Updated windows (that thing took over an hour!) and then Fedora to the latest version.

Wrote 677 words.

Suffice to say, the AI wasn't that good at naming colours...

Important - Theresa May and the Internet. There has been a lot said about various manifesto statements recently but sometimes the most important things slip through the cracks. Personally I was quite appalled there isn't more talk about this.

It makes me angry, because the old, non-techy people in politics either don't understand the implications of their actions or even worse they actually DO! Sure, encourage platforms to help deal with bullying, but at the end of the day, if an individual behaves in a way that harms other it should be treated BY THE POLICE like any other crime. So maybe we should train and empower our law enforcement to help deal with bullying as well as educate children.

And as for the censorship. Are we turning into China? Why should the government decide if and what porn can I watch? Again, if it's illegal, then there are laws that should deal with it, not some politicians.

US and childbirth deaths. Long article, but a sobering read. Nice to see the positive developments in the UK. And from personal experience I do have to say that everyone was very aware about pre-eclampsia and there were a lot of checks and education for the mothers as well.

Finding Lisa. Quite a mystery solved with the help of crowd sourcing and perseverance.

My Family's Slave. This has been quite controversial recently, still, an interesting read (or listen - there's an audio version available on the page).

Daily Baby

Is it time for nursery yet? :-) #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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20th May

We went to see the underwater photoshoot pictures and pick the ones we want to keep. Afterwards Zack had a very smiley baby swimming session.

Completed image display and cover uploads for the new BCMC website.

Quite terrifying that the place that was meant to withstand the test of time got affected by the climate change... Then again, better now when we can improve the design than later. Doomsday Vault flooded.

Daily Baby

Food on the go after a busy morning #dailyBaby

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21st May

Added premades admin to the new BCMC website.

Interesting alternative (addition?) to IVF.

RPG food rations. :D

Daily Baby

Weekly teddy :) #dailyBaby

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