Week In Review 22/2017


29th May

Bank holiday family day out. We took Zack on his longest train trip yet for an indoor BBQ with friends.

Daily Baby

Is this edible? #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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30th May

Weekly update post.

I try to stay away from political posts in my "link love" section, as these are often time sensitive any way. But this one is both funny and sad: Political radio.

And another one - this time in case you need to know why countries don't owe NATO or US money.

Daily Baby

Garden nap #dailyBaby

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31st May

Wrote 534 words.

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Someone's started to go in circles at night ;) #dailyBaby

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1st June

Wrote 179 words.

KIT day at work.

Daily Baby

Mommy at work, Zack reading with granny #dailyBaby

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2nd June

Sent sales update to authors.

Reviewed a horror submission.

Making the Machines that Replace Humans.

Daily Baby

Bed time - you're doing it wrong! #dailyBaby

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3rd June

Went to view the builder's previous jobs in the morning.

Lunch and movie with friends and family.

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Chair sharing #dailyBaby #weeklyTeddy

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4th June

Trip to the UK Games Expo in Birmingham. So many board games and RPG games... and dragons everywhere... ;) Really good day, and Zack enjoyed checking out all the colourful things around him. Probably his biggest crowd ever too (and longest car journey).

I did end up getting a little RPG system book (and cards) called Epyllion, where you get to play dragons. PLAY, not fight and kill. ;)

Also quite excited to now be a backer for Untold. Hoping this will be a handy tool in helping to improve the quality and speed of plotting for some genres I write in.

Daily Baby

Little gremlin ;) #dailyBaby

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