22nd May

Updated new kitchen layout in the 3d planner.

Draft cover for a client.

Weekly update post.

Wrote 199 words.

Warhammer evening - quite a funny game. For a while things were so calm and going so slow we were beginning to invent our own dangers. But once the action started... Well it was quite an epic battle. Lol.

Daily Baby

Nursery time! #dailyBaby

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23rd May

Shoping, prescription collection.

Baby meeting in the park.

Daily Baby

I love sitting (and stripes...) #dailyBaby #babyVoiceover

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24th May

Wrote 365 words.

Organised tree work to be done in the garden.

OMG! OMG! OMG! Game of Thrones :)

Mysterious flamingo legs...

Daily Baby

Garden time #dailyBaby

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25th May

Ordered updated house plans.

Wrote 93 words.

Arctic sea ice 1984-2016. But of course, climate change is a hoax... Climate change deniers make my blood boil.

Daily Baby

Broccoli! #dailyBaby

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26th May

Wrote 249 words.

Updated the header design for the new BCMC website. Cover list layout.

News of the day - my residency application has been approved! It also means I now have some travel documents ha ha ha, since the residency application required handing over originals... Now need to figure out what's needed for the citizenship. On the plus side as a wife of a British citizen I don't have to wait another 12 months before applying. So that's a start.

Giant puppets!

Daily Baby

Morning smiles #dailyBaby

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27th May

Baby swimming - proper smiles and loads of splashing! We also got our underwater pictures.

Added filters to the cover page.

Amazing illustrations that show our place in the universe.

Daily Baby

Sleepy baby #dailyBaby

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28th May

Trip to Basildon Park with the in-laws. Lovely day out.

Why 'tock-tick' sounds so wrong.

Daily Baby

Hugs with teddy #dailyBaby #weeklyTeddy

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