Everyone likes a challenge, right? The 30 day challenges (or longer…) seem to be all the rage now. They are a great way to give some focus to your writing and if followed properly encourage a more or less regular posting schedule. Exactly what I need after my quite long blogging hiatus.

I’ve been following Tiffany’s blog for a while and I must say I really like her daily updates. It’s nice to to get a glimpse of how she works on a daily basis. Also posting that often means it’s almost inevitable that some personal remarks get thrown in here and there, which makes it so much easier to relate to her as a person.

The plan is to write at least one blog post every day during January. I guess technically that would mean 31 posts, but let’s not get hung up on the details. Initially I was going to follow some sort of theme, possibly related to various types of New Year’s resolutions, however I’m not sure I would have enough to write about for a whole month just on that one topic. So no promises there.

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