Good Intentions - 30DB #13

Sometimes you make plans, prepare to get things done, and then everything goes down the drain. With a trip to London planned for Saturday (yesterday) I pushed a lot of the regular work to Sunday. I even decided to skip a Fantasy Club meeting to focus on the to-do list for a few extra hours.

Unfortunately it was not meant to be. Seems like the frosty weather combined with cheat-day carb excess on Saturday completely knocked me out. Went to bed early, and despite that even after getting plenty of hours of sleep I still had a hard time focusing on anything on screen through out the day. Finally mid-afternoon I gave in, and just had a quick nap.

At first I felt bad about it. But in the end it is a weekend, and there is no point struggling to keep my eyes open and being unproductive and tired. Might as well be unproductive and rested. Even if I don’t get much more done today, there’s a chance I will feel better after the extra rest tomorrow, and if I’m to meet the plans for the week I need to be pretty productive on weekdays…